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ISSUE: How to Use Katira

December 7, 2010 at 9:25 am | Dry Hair, Hair Masque, How to Use | No comment

Dear Philip,

Hi! I have bought the Katira Hair Masque because I heard so much good about it. But after using it I’m so disappointed! My hair feels even drier after and the shine is completely gone :-( .   I do not know if I do something wrong but I do not think so…

I use the Peppermint Shampoo and then towel-dry a little before I put in the masque. I leave it for some time and then rinse it out. After I use some conditioner as well. When the hair wet and the masque is in it feels like dry paper or something and after rinsing it out it still feels very dry. To comb it is a pain! I use your shampoo, conditioner and also the oil but this is a disappointment… I hope you get back to me because I do not think this is the way it should be. Other hair masques make my hair look great but this just makes it even drier. Thanks in advance!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Katira is so different from other hair masques that using it can involve a learning curve. Here’s what you need to do differently. Shampoo your hair AND USE CONDITIONER FIRST. Then towel dry your hair, apply the Katira Hair Masque, and let it sit on your hair until it’s COMPLETELY DRY, like a hard helmet. (You can use a blowdryer to speed the process.) By actually drying on your hair, the katira jelly imparts into each strand. Then rinse and style as usual. Use the masque that way, and Katira should give you amazing results. Please let me know how it goes!

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