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ISSUE: Rejuvenating Oil/Ingredients

July 13, 2011 at 6:31 pm | Product Ingredients, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates | No comment

Dear Philip,

I noticed a slightly different ingredient list for this product. If you go to, their list is not the same as yours. Their list is the same as what was on an old bottle I bought years ago. Yours now has all but one ingredient, that being Ylang Ylang flower oil and others that were not on the original list. Why is the list different now and is the original ingredient list better or worse than the newer one?

Also, I noticed 2 ingredients I am familiar with on 2 other products. Why would you use propolene glycol and sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulfate? These are really unhealthy and I was surprised to see them in your ingredient list. I will buy the Rejuvenating Oil but will not buy anything containing harmful ingredients.


Dear Eva,

Thanks for your thoughtful message. As you noticed, we’ve recently reformulated some our products to improve their quality and to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s reflected in our new ingredient lists.

Now, to the two ingredients you cited:

  1. You’re right to be wary about sodium lauryl sulfate. SLS alone is very destructive to hair and skin — it’s as harsh as some dishwashing liquids. If you want to burn your hair, destroy your color and get a skin disorder, go right ahead and throw straight SLS on it.That said, in some cases, SLS can be amazing. It’s all about balance. I buffer down the SLS in our shampoos with such a high level of essential oils that it becomes gentle and creamy — the best possible way to clear away any dirt or build-up while distributing conditioning oils throughout your hair, even to the ends. In some cases, I use so many plant and flower oils that the SLS is rendered all but inactive: It’s just there to carry the oils and help you lather up.

    That’s because my shampoos aren’t the conventional detergent-water-fragrance mix. They’re made from intensely conditioning oils used at active, therapeutic levels and gathered from exotic places around the world. So, in this case, fear not. The sulfates we do use are specifically designed to deliver nutrients and potent conditioning agents to your hair, not to counteract their effects!

  2. Most of our formulas were created years ago, when there was no question about propylene glycol’s safety. Even today, the Food & Drug Administration maintains that propylene glycol is “generally recognized as safe,” and it’s used in everything from toothpaste to baby wipes. We use a touch of propylene glycol in a few of our formulas as a carrier for botanical essences. Again, it’s hugely buffered with essential oils and other nurturing and beneficial ingredients. As we modernize the formulas going forward, however, we may phase out propylene glycol altogether. Either way, we’ll definitely keep your comments in mind. Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

Kind regards,
Philip B.

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