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ISSUE: Deep Conditioner For My Platinum Blonde Hair?

August 11, 2011 at 1:07 pm | Damaged Hair, Dry Hair | No comment

Dear Philip,

My hair has been bleached platinum blonde for years, and it’s sooo dry and damaged. I use a K-pak treatment for protein along with a Pureology hair mask (along with probably 15 other products!) and they just aren’t doing it for me, it’s still super, super dry and seems to not want to absorb any moisture whatsoever!! I have high hopes for your deep conditioners, so which one would you recommend for my EXTREMELY DRY, POROUS, hair?? I want my hair to be silky and soft again! :(

Thank you!

It’s a tough situation: You have the color you want but the texture is gone. To restore it, you need to be strategic about the kinds of conditioners you use, since very dry, damaged hair tends to lose moisture easily. A few things I recommend:

  1. My Lovin’ Leave-In Conditioner. You need a product that will coat your hair to keep the moisture in. At the same time, you need something fine and light that won’t weigh you down. Run a dollop of the leave-in conditioner through clean, damp hair and style as usual.
  2. Lightweight Deep Conditioning Creme is great for parched, damaged hair, too. It’s packed with healing Shea Butter, a powerful hydrator that’s naturally sheer and light.
  3. Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme helps in a different way; the amino acid complex in the formula help strengthen and rebuild damaged strands and has a wonderful silkening effect.
  4. If your hair is very coarse and dry, you’ll benefit from the Katira Masque, too — it will help to even out the porosity of your hair and enhance its manageability.
  5. Finally (and this is key), I recommend a steady diet of Rejuvenating Oil treatments, which go a long way toward reviving porous, dull, brittle hair. And hang in there: With a little extra effort, you can have your beautiful blonde shade and the healthy texture that should go along with it!

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