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Here are some of the commonly asked questions we've received over the years.
We've organized them by category so you can easily find answers.

ISSUE: How to Grow Out Damaged Hair?

September 5, 2012 | Color-Treated Hair, Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, This Month's Hair Q&A's

Dear Philip,

I love your products and am using them to get my hair back to good condition after too much colouring. I’m also trying to grow my hair. I know hairdressers generally recommend getting a trim every couple of months but wondered what your opinion is on the subject? Once again, love your products – have tried so many shampoos/conditioners over the years but yours are the only ones I would recommend.

Dear Mari,

Thanks so much for your message. You’re right: The rule of thumb says that you should get a trim every 8-10 weeks, to help maintain your style and clear away dry, damaged ends. (That’s important because split ends have a tendency to travel up the hair shaft, creating frizz as they go.) But a lot depends on the length of your hair and degree of damage.

Do you have long hair? Long hair tends to be dry and fragile at the bottom, and those ends can get thin and wispy-looking without regular trims. Chemical treatments and heated styling tools can also sap your hair of moisture, making it more brittle and likely to fray. That said, I totally understand your desire to minimize trims while you’re growing your hair out. So here’s my opinion: If you condition your hair properly — especially making sure that the ends have a proper lipid balance — you can extend the time between trims to 4 or even 5 months. That means using a deeply moisturizing shampoo (like my Russian Amber or Oud Royal Shampoos); a conditioner in the shower (like my Lightweight Deep Conditioning Cream); a leave-in conditioner (like Lovin’ Leave-In Conditioner) if your hair is very dry; and — drumroll now, because this is especially key — a Rejuvenating Oil treatment once or twice a week. Trust me, with that regimen, your hair will grow out looking healthy, glossy and gorgeous, and in record time!

ISSUE: Deep Conditioner For My Platinum Blonde Hair?

August 11, 2011 | Damaged Hair, Dry Hair

Dear Philip,

My hair has been bleached platinum blonde for years, and it’s sooo dry and damaged. I use a K-pak treatment for protein along with a Pureology hair mask (along with probably 15 other products!) and they just aren’t doing it for me, it’s still super, super dry and seems to not want to absorb any moisture whatsoever!! I have high hopes for your deep conditioners, so which one would you recommend for my EXTREMELY DRY, POROUS, hair?? I want my hair to be silky and soft again! :(

Thank you!

It’s a tough situation: You have the color you want but the texture is gone. To restore it, you need to be strategic about the kinds of conditioners you use, since very dry, damaged hair tends to lose moisture easily. A few things I recommend:

  1. My Lovin’ Leave-In Conditioner. You need a product that will coat your hair to keep the moisture in. At the same time, you need something fine and light that won’t weigh you down. Run a dollop of the leave-in conditioner through clean, damp hair and style as usual.
  2. Lightweight Deep Conditioning Creme is great for parched, damaged hair, too. It’s packed with healing Shea Butter, a powerful hydrator that’s naturally sheer and light.
  3. Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme helps in a different way; the amino acid complex in the formula help strengthen and rebuild damaged strands and has a wonderful silkening effect.
  4. If your hair is very coarse and dry, you’ll benefit from the Katira Masque, too — it will help to even out the porosity of your hair and enhance its manageability.
  5. Finally (and this is key), I recommend a steady diet of Rejuvenating Oil treatments, which go a long way toward reviving porous, dull, brittle hair. And hang in there: With a little extra effort, you can have your beautiful blonde shade and the healthy texture that should go along with it!

ISSUE: Dry, Brittle, Color-Treated Hair

August 11, 2011 | Color-Treated Hair, Damaged Hair, Dry Hair

Dear Philip,

I’m an African American who has lupus. I have a relaxer and color in my hair and i want to know what can i use to get my hair growing again and stop it from shedding and being so dry. I’m allergic to anything that has sulfur in it. Also, the edges are very thin or there is nothing there. Please help. I’ve tried everything and am still not getting the results I want.

Focus on babying your hair as much as possible. Soak it with Rejuvenating Oil and, at least to begin with, sleep with the oil in your hair overnight. From there, my African Shea Butter Shampoo and Lightweight Deep Conditioning Creme would be perfect for you. (The latter is super-healing, lightweight, and smells wonderful: It’s infused with Pure Orange Rind Oil, Lemon Rind Oil and a hint of Gardenia.) If your hair is breaking and brittle, use the Lovin’ Leave-In Conditioner, too. For extra credit, you can add the Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo and/or Conditioner to your regimen. Both are terrific at rebuilding damaged hair. Thanks for writing in!

ISSUE: Oily Scalp + Thin, Dry Hair

December 7, 2010 | Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, How to Use, Thin Hair, Troubled Scalp

Dear Philip,

I am a 27-year-old man and have long brown hair to my shoulders. I’ve had a problem with hair loss since age 17, and my hair is thin, dry and straight. I also have an oily scalp, and a little dandruff in my eyebrows. A week ago I started to wash my hair with Anti-Flake shampoo, and I use the Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo on alternate days. After each wash I apply a normal conditioner on the ends of my hair; otherwise it becomes very difficult to comb.

As I’ve read on your website my treatment should be:

  1. Rejuvenating Oil applied with a hair dryer
  2. Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo
  3. Anti-Flake Shampoo

Should all of this be applied daily? Is it necessary to use the hair dryer? Is it necessary to use some conditioner or some other product?

Here’s what I recommend for you:

Once a week: A Rejuvenating Oil treatment.

  1. Apply the oil to dry hair and massage it in with your fingertips. And yes, it’s important to use a hair dryer to warm up the oil – heat helps the oil sink into your hair and loosens dead cells and debris from your scalp.
  2. After letting the oil sit on your hair for 20 minutes, work a dollop of the Peppermint & Avocado shampoo into your hair and then get in the shower and add a bit of water.
  3. Lather it up for 3-5 minutes – that will leave your scalp feeling cool and fresh. Rinse. Your hair should feel balanced all over.

Every day: If you wash your hair everyday, use the Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo or our Scent of Santa Fe Shampoo, which is nice and balancing and will make your hair feel softer. Finish with the Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Crème on the ends only and Rinse.

Every three days: Use the Peppermint Shampoo (leave on for 2-3 minutes) followed by Anti- Flake (also leave on for 2-3 minutes before you rinse).

Together, that regimen should get your scalp and hair in great shape.

ISSUE: Curly, Highlighted Hair + Dry, Itchy Scalp

December 7, 2010 | Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, How to Use, Troubled Scalp

Dear Philip,

I’m having a hard time figuring out the best product for my hair type. I have curly, long, highlighted hair and my scalp is dry, flaky and itchy. What is the best shampoo and conditioner to use? Also, which of your styling products do you recommend for a quick style and go? (I usually wash my hair, apply a leave in conditioner, a styling product such as AG Recoil, then hairspray, and let it airdry.) I’m looking for a simple routine that controls my curls and stops them from turning frizzy, bushy or crunchy.

The best thing for you would be a Rejuvenating Oil treatment.

  1. Put a generous amount directly on your hair and scalp (your hair should be dry) and massage it in to help dismantle the cells and flakes. Use a blow dryer to warm up the oil and help sink more deeply into your hair.
  2. After 15-20 minutes, apply some Peppermint & Avocado Clarifying Shampoo on top and massage it in for 3-5 minutes. Then get in the bath or shower and add a little water and lather up to break down any excess oil: Your hair will hold on to the moisture it needs.
  3. Follow with my Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo. It’s even more effective when used after the Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo, and it contains a moisturizing aloe complex. Together, that should take care of your scalp problems.
  4. Use the Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Crème Rinse on the ends.
  5. Also, the pH Detangling Toning Mist spray is a really important product for you – it corrects the pH of tap water and makes your hair and scalp feel good.
  6. As for styling: Crème of the Crop “Lite” is great for curly hair. Just rub a dab between your palms, run it through damp hair, style your hair with your fingertips and let it air dry. Your curls should come out springy, soft and shiny.

Reviving Fine, Blonde Highlights

March 25, 2010 | Damaged Hair, Video Tips

ISSUE: Problem Scalp, Solved!

March 25, 2010 | Accolades, Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, Troubled Scalp

Dear Philip,

I’m a stay at home mother. I started using Philip B Anti-Flake shampoo a year ago & my life has been happier. There has been such a dramatic change in my hair that it has made me happier, more youthful, and has made me feel better about myself.

Being a passionate blogger, I will make it a point to spread positive word about your Anti-Flake shampoo so that I can repay your company for making me feel & look 10 years younger with more flake-free & moisturized hair.

Seeing such a dramatic improvement in my hair, I have been paying more attention to taking care of myself as a whole. In a way, Philip B. Hair Care has helped me make my health top priority in life.

I hope many more Americans utilize Philip B hair care in their homes because I truly believe it is a miracle in itself!

Thanks so much for your letter, which cheered our whole team immensely. I’m incredibly happy to hear that the Anti-Flake helped you so much, and hope that you continue to enjoy the line!

ISSUE: Itchy, Greasy Scalp

January 20, 2010 | Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, Fine & Limp Hair, How to Use, Special Cases, Thin Hair, Troubled Scalp

Dear Philip,

I am contacting you in the hope that you can give me some product advice. I have a very itchy, greasy scalp although it is not flaking. My hair is also quite fine and coloured with a slight wave, and I straighten it every day. I have tried many products to try and alleviate the itchy scalp but have not yet found one that works. A colleague suggested your range but I’m not sure which products to try.

This is such a common problem, and causes so much frustration and misery. I’m going to give you the same answer as the gentleman who wrote in just before you did: It’s the system I designed for a dear friend with a troubled scalp like yours, and it has helped him and thousands of people around the globe. (A) Start with the Rejuvenating Oil: Run it though your hair and scalp and heat it with a blowdryer to ease your scalp dryness and deep condition your fine hair. (The oil molecules are so small that they sink inside each strand and plump it up, rather than simply coating the outside and weighing it down.) (B) Wash your hair with my Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Shampoo. Leave the lather on your hair for two minutes so that the therapeutic levels of peppermint oil can thoroughly clean and refresh your scalp. (C) Shampoo again with the Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo. Leave it on your hair for 2 minutes so that the coal tar and scalp-healing botanical ingredients have time to do their work. You’ll get instant, life-changing relief.

ISSUE: Dandruff

January 20, 2010 | Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, Fine & Limp Hair, How to Use, Special Cases, Thin Hair, Troubled Scalp

Dear Philip,

I have multiple queries:

  1. Are all Philips B’s products appropriate for men or not?
  2. Almost all of the product descriptions mention the process of blow-drying in them. Is it necessary that we always blow-dry? Won’t using that much heat damage hair?
  3. I have a lot of dandruff, plus if I don’t shampoo for 2 or 3 days my hair becomes greasy. What do you recommend?
  4. What products should I use to increase my hair’s volume and thickness and thicker and fill in weak spots?

I know these are a lot of queries but I am just confused…..

Thanks for all your questions!

  1. Yes, all of my products work equally well on men and women.
  2. No, you don’t need to blow-dry your hair to make the products work. (I never blow-dry my hair, for instance.) And yes, too much heat-styling can damage hair. If you don’t feel the need to blow-dry, don’t bother.
  3. Here’s my surefire dandruff-obliterating method, which has drawn letters from grateful customers all over the world:  (A) Start with the Rejuvenating Oil: Run it though your hair and scalp and heat it with a blowdryer to help loosen dead cells and flakes. (In this case, heat is a good thing.) (B) Wash your hair with my Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Shampoo. Leave the lather on your hair for two minutes so the therapeutic levels of peppermint oil can thoroughly clean and refresh your scalp. (C) Shampoo again with the Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo. Leave it on your hair for 2 minutes so that the coal tar and scalp-healing botanical ingredients have time to do their work. You’ll get instant, dramatic relief.
  4. To increase your hair’s volume and thickness, continue using the Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo for everyday, and the Rejuvenating Oil once a week. That should do the trick, and add shine to boot.

ISSUE: Dry, Bleached Hair

January 20, 2010 | Color-Treated Hair, Damaged Hair, Dry Hair

Dear Philip,

I would like to order some products but I do not know which ones to try. I have long dyed hair (blonde) and the ends of my hair are spliced. Overall, my hair is dry.

If you buy one thing, let it be the 4-Step Hair & Scalp Treatment – it’s so nourishing for dry, color-treated, lackluster strands and the results are dramatic: Just one treatment will instantly restore your hair’s bounce and vibrance. The Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo would be amazing for you, too. And for gentle veryday care, I suggest the African Shea Butter Shampoo and Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Crème Rinse. Please keep me posted: I can’t wait to hear about your results!

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