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Here are some of the commonly asked questions we've received over the years.
We've organized them by category so you can easily find answers.

ISSUE: Finally Growing!!

December 31, 2008 | Color-Treated Hair, Damaged Hair

Dear Philip,

In a word – thank you. I tried your products by sheer chance (the ladies at Blumercury happened to throw a sample in my bag) and the result was literally a miracle.

The top of my hair has not grown past the tops of my ears in 2 years. Not kidding. I’ve had this “bangs helmet” for ages and it’s as bad as it sounds. The main cause is breakage from several very bad highlight jobs. I even abandoned highlights for six months with no improvement.

Anyway, I’ve used your products for two months now and my hair has FINALLY crept below the top of my ears. It’s amazing. I use the White Truffle combo, along with the occasional Peppermint Avocado and now Katira. Love it.

I can’t thank you enough for the impact your products and website advice are having. BTW, do you have a hair color line or are you thinking about one?

I don’t have a hair color line coming out yet, but I’m so glad that you’re finding a way out of your predicament. On occasion, I come across cases like yours, usually caused by overlapping bleach in the highlighting process. First, ask your colorist to be extra careful when  retouching your roots. Secondly, you should definitely integrate my Four Step Hair & Scalp Facial Treatment into your regimen, and always do a rejuvenating oil treatment two days before you color. Hair takes color so much better if it’s oiled in advance: Once the caustic chemicals ht your hair, that builty-in moisture will protect it from burning.

ISSUE: Relaxed Hair

December 10, 2008 | Damaged Hair, Dry Hair, Fine & Limp Hair

Dear Philip,

I relax my hair and it’s thin and dry from over-processing. Which line do you recommend for my hair type and why?

All together now: Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo. It’s an amazing rejuvenator for fried, overworked hair. Alternatively, a Four-Step Hair & Scalp Treatment would do wonders for you, too. Use it once a week and on the morning of your next salon appointment: Women all over the world have told me that they’ve gotten better results and far less breakage when they apply my Rejuvenating Oil (part of the Four-Step treatment) right before they have their hair relaxed.

ISSUE: Body wave gone bad

December 1, 2008 | Damaged Hair

Dear Philip,

I ordered a bunch of your products: shampoo, cream rinse, the toning mist, lovin’ leave-in, and the rejuvenating oil. I learned about your products in a magazine that I read about a week after my stylist RUINED my hair with a HORRIBLE body wave. I received your products just yesterday, immediately put them to use, and now — just one day later — my hair finally feels healthy again.

I just wanted to say thank you, SO MUCH!


Dear Rachel,

Thanks for your wonderful email. I get the nicest letters from women around the world, and I’m so glad that you found success with my products. I take great pride in making them! Definitely try my Katira masque, which is coming out this Monday. I’m looking forward to you having more great hair days!

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