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Here are some of the commonly asked questions we've received over the years.
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ISSUE: Dandruff and Sebhorric dermatitis

November 12, 2008 | Special Cases

Hi Philip,

I’ve struggled with an itchy, scaly scalp for quite some time and tried every over-the-counter product and prescription-based shampoo you can imagine. This week, I made my annual visit to the dermatologist for more of the same, as things have not improved for me. But then I spoke to a friend who recommended that I try your Anti-Flake Shampoo. She also gave me a sample of your Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo to try. I must say that with one application of both products, I’m hooked. The peppermint shampoo removed all the scaly build-up and the Anti-Flake shampoo finished the process by soothing my scalp. I’ve never had results like this.

Should I use the two products weekly until I get my problem under control, and then switch to using it once a month? Also, I like all of the wonderful botanical ingredients found in your products.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks,

Dear Nora,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me. I’m so, so happy that the products are doing the trick. I do think that you might want to stay on a weekly regimen of the Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo and Anti-Flake for a bit and see how it goes. Without seeing your scalp, it’s hard to say – if it’s a chronic problem, you may need to use the products continuously to keep things under control. I make other scalp-soothing products, too: Scent of Santa Fe Shampoo is rich in chlorophyll and makes a great compliment to Anti-Flake and Peppermint and leaves your hair so silky…

That said, if you have an extreme flare-up of dandruff or seborrhic dermatitis, here’s my general rule: Start with one to two applications of Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo, leave it on your scalp for 3-5 minutes; then use the Anti-Flake and leave IT on for 3-5 minutes more before rinsing. I made all of these products for my friends with itchy, dry scalps, and each formula is made of the finest natural soothers in the all the land!

ISSUE: Post-Chemotherapy hair

November 12, 2008 | Special Cases

Dear Philip,

It’s been 2 years since I had chemotherapy, and my hair has grown back very, very dry and very, very curly. I’ve been using Phyto products but I made the mistake of having my hair processed with highlights and lowlights and now it’s like dry straw. Can you help?

Mary Dorsey

Dear Mary,

Yes. Your hair may not go back to the way it was before, but it can still look healthy and beautiful as long as you give back what it needs. I always tell clients that taking care of any type of hair – since hair is made of dead cells – is a lot like preserving wood or leather. You have to use the right kind of moisture, consistently, to keep it supple and shiny. In your case, that means using treatments with strengthening amino acids and hydrators that will address damage, soften the texture of your hair, and give it a great, clean finish that isn’t heavy and greasy or light and flyaway. There are a couple of approaches you could take:

1) On an everyday basis, use a super-nourishing cleanser with amino acids like Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo or my White Truffle Shampoo and Conditioner: I designed both specifically to transform dull, parched, damaged hair. (If you’re local in L.A. you can always call us at the Ava Center for a professional treatment: 310.843.9915.)

2) For an immediate, astounding quick fix, do an oil treatment: To start, apply my Rejuvenating Oil to your hair, heat it with a blowdryer and let it sit for a bit. Then use the Peppermint & Avocado Shampoo: Work it into your scalp, add water, and gradually work the lather through to the ends. From there, rinse and apply my ultra-conditioning, amino-acid-packed Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo: That’s when you’ll feel your hair texture start to change under your fingertips.

3) For extra credit, my new Katira Masque offers a rare type of moisture: It leaves wiry hair soft, fluffy and manageable, and makes a blowout extra smooth and straight. (Rub a dollop of Katira in your hair; comb it through; let it sit for 2 hours till it dries; rinse, rinse, rinse; and voilà: Your hair will be youthful and lush again!)

4) The pH Balancing Rinse would be great for you, too. It seals the cuticle so you get gorgeously defined ringlets.

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